On-demand PCB manufacturing

Get your boards made faster than ever before

Leverage the fastest quick-turn manufacturers to get your board made in days. Use Glide to shorten DFM processes and get to production faster.

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No Order Minimums

Get any quantity of boards made. From a single board to larger production batches, Bild works with manufacturing partners that can support both and everyting in between.


The Fastest Turn Around

Our manufacturing partners are some of the fastest in the country. Get custom quotes based on your lead-time requirements. Our lead-times start at just 1 day!


The Right Tools

Get access to the most effecient manufacturing engagment tool, Glide. You'll get real-time DFM feedback from manufacturers, getting your boards in production faster.


Get started in less than 2 minutes.

With our easy to use platform, you'll be able to upload your board specifications and design files to get quotes instantly. Designs are shared directly with our manufacturing partners, who leverage auto-DFM tools to get your boards started ASAP.

Design issues? No worries.

If there are further design issues that aren't caught on auto-DFM tools, our manufacturing partners provide real-time DFM feedback through Glide. You'll get access to Glide on all on-demand orders placed on the Bild platform.


Designed for Faster Board Validation

The best tools to enable teams to focus on the most meaningful work. Spend more time designing and less time reviewing feedback.

Instant Notifications

Get notified as soon as the first design feedback is created from manufacturers.


2-Way Communication

Reply back to specific feedback items with approvals, risk criterias, or comments.


Version Control

Look at historic feedback to help understand design changes from previous iterations.

Stop wasting time.

Learn about how your team can save time and money with Bild + Glide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us a note below if your question isn't listed here. We will get back to you within 24 hours

What exactly is Bild?

Bild is an on-demand manufacturing solution for quick-turn PCB boards. Simply upload board specification and design files, and get your board made in days.

What kind of boards to you support?

Currently we support rigid and flex circuits, single and double sided SMT, and custom solutions.

Does it cost to use Bild?

Nope. We believe that access to the fastest manufacturers should be free. Validating designs faster leads to products entering the market faster - we're all in for that.

What about IP and NDA?

All our manufacturing partners are under a strict NDA. Meaning that your precious designs will never be shared and are always protected.

Where are my boards made?

Our manufacturing partners are proudly building in the United States. We've realized that the most effective way to get boards made that quickly, is to produce them domestically.

What exactly is Glide?

Glide is real-time collaboration tool for manufacturers to provide DFM feedback. Through Glide, you'll save hours of waiting for feedback, and have a more streamlined tool to manage feedback.

How much does it cost to use Glide?

Validate your boards faster with Glide for $99/Month/Seat or contact us for custom enterprise solutions. All orders through Bild include access to Glide for those boards.

Does Bild accept International orders?

Yes! Just remember that all boards are made in the US and will have extended shipping times for orders placed outside of the US.

Drop us a note, we'll get back to you ASAP.