Hardware Collaboration Reimagined

Commenting on design file

Spend more time focusing on the important work

Managing disaggregated information takes valuable time out of your day. Stop wasting time hunting down the "one thing that one person said". Keep track of all your design related communication on one platform.

Spend more time focusing on the important work
Empower collaboration across all engineers

Empower collaboration
across all engineers

Finally be able to view designs without nagging other teams. With CAD and ECAD file viewers, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers finally have a common ground to communicate and collaborate!

Say hello to better design processes

One platform to view them all!

No more extraneous licenses needed to be able to view and provide feedback on designs. With Bild, you can render and interact with native hardware designs.

One platform to view them all

Industrial Grade Security
Because Your Designs Are Worth It

Role Based Access Controls
Role Based Access Controls

Enable different user permissions and visibility for members across your organization.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Require your members to go through a two-step method for authentication.

256-bit Encryption

Design files, feedback, comments, approvals, everything. Encrypted in-transit and at rest, so no data can be leaked.

Encrypted Backups
Daily Encrypted Backups

Worried about an accidental deletion of your design files? Keep an encrypted backup of each project on the cloud.

SSO and On-Prem

Ensure your account is safe with custom integrations to your enterprise's infrastructure.

Vendor Access Control
Vendor Access Control

Securely share your designs with vendors. Enable external members to view, download, or upload designs.

Easily integrate with your favorite tools

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Who is Bild for?

Learn how Bild accelerates the iterative process between engineering teams and 3rd party partners

Whether you're a mechanical or an electrical engineer, you should not waste time on repetitive tasks. Stop using screenshots, big email chains or Google/MS suite to relay feedback and integrate Bild into your workflows.


Stop wasting hours each week retrieving design information and transferring information between people. Increase team productivity and decrease production risk by accelerating team communication with Bild.

External Partners
External Partners

Collaborating on hardware designs with clients has never been easier. Securely gain access to client design files with a click of a button with Bild and provide design feedback directly on a web platform, anywhere in the world.

Join Product Teams Around the World Using Bild

Frequently Asked Questions

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