Building the future of hardware collaboration

Our mission is to make hardware development faster and more accessible through collaboration and innovation.

Our backgrounds include being the hardware Product Manager for 3 generations of iPhones at Apple, developing some of the most iconic applications in the world at Instagram and Facebook, and designing core security applications at the intersection of hardware and software at Amazon and Apple.

When it came to a solution that supported the needs of our teams and their hardware designs, we couldn’t find a suitable tool and we realized there was a big empty space in the market. We tried to leverage tools like Jira or Github, but the sole structure of hardware is fundamentally different from code, and the visual aspect of our designs couldn’t integrate into those tools. And because taking screenshots of designs and putting them on Jira or Asana isn’t any better than what were were doing before, we’d just go back to our old archaic processes, which was taking screenshots, putting them on slides or excel-based issue lists, and then communicating on long email threads.

And that’s why we’ve created Bild, a secure and integrated way for engineers and hardware teams to share and collaborate on visual assets on the cloud.


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