Bild gives you access to the fastest PCB manufacturers


Upload your custom board's specifications and requirements.


Get instant quotes based off of lead-times and quantities.


Place your order and receive your board as quick as 1 day.

Solutions to Faster Prototyping

We understand that time is invaluable during the prototyping phase, and we support the needs to validate designs faster.

Built for Everyone

Regardless of order size, our manufacturing partners can support fast production batches.


Instant Quotes

Get an instant quote based on your board specifications and lead-time requirements.


Custom Solutions

Work with our manufacturing partners to get solutions for non-traditional boards.

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    Glide Access

    Get free access to Glide for orders made through the Bild platform. Through Glide, you'll get real-time DFM feedback, getting your boards made earlier.

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    Inbuilt Security

    Design files and board specifications are never shared. You're protected by our IP and NDA agreements in place with our manufacturing partners.

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For Engineers, By Engineers

We built Bild for the engineers working on next generation hardware. We've gone through the struggles of getting boards made quickly for faster validation. Part of our mission is to enable engineers to focus on the most meaningful work by automating manual search and outreach. Built by Apple and Facebook engineers.

Full Transparency

Understand exactly where your boards are in the process. With real-time updates, you'll be notified as soon as production start and when your boards ship. With Glide, you'll get real-time updates and notifications on DFM issues that might cause boards to be on hold.


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