Project Management

Understand project statuses and manage risk to ensure a timely and more confident release

Create Workspaces

Workspaces help separate products across the organization and allow you to view product details and associated relavant projects/sub-components that roll-up. Design numbers and version numbers can help dictate major releases within PLM tools. With bild, all associated feedback and communication will be captured under the hierarchy you designate.

Empower collaboration across all engineers

Upload Design Files

Add all the designs for each project within your workspaces. Leverage Bild's git-based system or connect your existing tools to sync design files. With Bild, you can view CAD and ECAD designs all on one workspace. You can also upload other design files like BOMs, schematics, and simulation data to supplement each design.

View and Create Feedback

Send and receive design feedback with associated risk levels, due dates, tags, and more. You'll get a high level understanding on the project risk level based on the accumulation of issues. Quickly filter and manage feedback in an aggregated view, giving you the visibility to understand if you are track to release in time.

Manage Approvals

Get cross-functional stakeholders to provide their input and manage approvals. You'll be able to set an "approve by" date, setting a deadline for approvals and ensuring you're on track.

Release Projects

When everything is all set, you can release the project. Bild automatically creates a summary document that details the feedback throughout the design process and any historic design changes. The final package also captures the final, approved version of each design file. Leverage the final package into your PLM tool to keep procurement and operation teams up to date.

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