The Features That Make It All Possible

Managing disaggregated information takes valuable time out of your day. Stop wasting time hunting down the "one thing that one person said". Keep track of all your design related communication on one platform.

Core features that make us
top notch

Interactive File Viewer

Leverage our web-based file viewer to understand design considerations and make more informed decisions faster.

Approval Management

Enable cross-functional stakeholders to provide feedback and approvals on designs before releasing them, reducing mistakes due to oversight.


Communicate and collaborate on feedback directly on designs rather than sending screenshots and text over emails.

Kanban View

Manage your projects and product statuses with Bild’s Kanban board, built specifically for hardware designs.

Version Control

Gain deeper understandings around design changes with versioned feedback that’s tied to specific revisions of designs.

Seamless Sharing

Add team members and vendors to designs while managing permissions and access to individual projects.

Learn about how cross-functional stakeholders come together on Bild

Every team and product is different. With Bild's flexible and versatile features, teams can standardize design processes to ensure a more confident and faster release. Improve cross-functional engagement with Bild.

Integrations into your current workflows

Product Management Tools

Jira,, Asana, Slack, MS Teams, Wrike, and more

CAD and EDA Software

Solidworks, Altium, KiCad, AutoCad, and more

Version Control Systems

Github, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and more

PLM and PDM Solutions

Coming soon!

Bring software and hardware teams together with integrations

As software and hardware teams get closer in collaboration on new product releases, incumbent tools lack the features for design collaboration. Manage the entire product within your existing product management systems like Jira and Asana with Bild's bi-directional integrations. Hardware teams can now create feedback or tickets within Bild and they will sync directly on other systems.