Add Feedback On Top of Your Designs

Stop sending screenshots! Make more informed decisions on the spot by viewing feedback and comments on your designs.


Do measurements, sectional analysis, and more to understand the surrounding design to make a more informed decision on the spot. Reduce context switching between your CAD/ECAD tools and communication tools by having the necessary tools all on one platform.

Design Agnostic

Whether you're working on a CAD model, a Gerber layout file, a PDF schematic, or an Excel-based BOM, we've got your back. Add feedback that's tied to references within each of your designs. You'll also be able to add feedback to a specific revision of each design!


Get feedback faster with instant real-time collaboration. Previous processes required a full review to finish before you could even start addressing feedback. With a direct line to collaborators, you'll get notified as soon as the first feedback item is conveyed!

An easy way to keep track of on-going design feedback

  • Assign risk levels, statuses, categories, and attachements to each feedback
  • Address feedback directly to a specific collaborator or to your vendors
  • Manage what feedback has been addressed and what items are still open, to prioritize workloads

A high level understanding to drive priorities

It's difficult to understand what the current status of a project with information sitting on seperate tools. With Bild, you'll gain an understanding of pending actions and effort needed to move projects forward.