Streamlining Manufacturer Engagements

Glide: The First Real-Time DFM Collaboration Tool

Shorten Your DFM Feedback Time

With Glide, you'll get DFM feedback as soon as your manufacturers find the first issues. No need to wait until the entire DFM review is finished to start viewing feedback from manufacturers. By getting real-time feedback, you'll be able to start iterating on any design changes and communicating approvals earlier.


Keep Track of Design Changes

With version control, you'll be able to see in what iteration certain design changes were made. Understand the driving factors of previous changes and leverage previous feedback to quickly influence newer designs. Reference previous approvals and risk concerns when providing feedback back to manufacturers.



Get instant DFM feedback notifications as soon as the first design issue is found.


Version Control

Be able to look at previous DFM feedback and responses to understand why designs changed.


File Format Agnostic

Glide works with any design file type built on any EDA tool. One solution for all design types.

Our Pricing Plans

Our plans are designed to meet the requirements of both engineers and cross-functional teams. Get the right plan that suits you.


  • Real-time DFM Feedback
  • Version Control
  • Unlimited Manufacturer Feedback
  • Up to 20 Active Projects


Custom Pricing
  • All the Standard Features Plus:
  • Unlimited Team Access
  • Unlimited File Storage
  • ITAR Compliance

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