Finally, Version Control For Your Hardware Designs

Understand how your design changed throughout the design process and the factors that drove those changes.

Reduce the risk of miscommunication
and expensive faulty builds

Project Based Revisions

When you update any design file that rolls-up to a project, a project checkin is created. This ensures everyone is looking at the latest design files when making cross-design decisions.

Versioned Feedback

Get insights into the feedback and factors that drove design changes. So now you'll not only see what changed, but understand why it changed, making reviews faster and more informed.

Single Source of

Having a single source of truth is extremely important to remove miscommunication between collaborators, especially with vendors. Reduce risk with better process.

Built For All Kind of Designs

Synchronize designs across the system in one platform. Be able to understand where other product teams are in their design and ensure you're designs fit the system requirements. More importantly, Bild empowers collaboration between mechanical and electrical teams without hefty CAD/ECAD license.

Introducing Git Versioning for Hardware

Software teams wouldn't dare start a project without setting up a git repo to keep track of changes. Yet hardware companies are ready to move along without basic processes that end up costing them an arm and a leg.

  • Visual Diffs
  • Time Stamped Checkins
  • Integrations to Github
  • Immutable History